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The great Vince Gordon has passed away

We are sorry to inform you that Vince Gordon passed away August 24, 2016 only 51 years old.

Vince was our beloved brother and he had a pure and constant beating heart for rockabilly through out his life. As a person he was a rare loving and caring human being and was always there if anybody needed help. He died much too soon from a blood clot.

It's hard to describe the hole of sorrow and loss Vince dead leaves us with. But his thoughts, his wit, his humor, his lyrics, his music, his spirit can and we will in future be influenced by and thereby honor him and his memory.

Keep following his homepage there will be information about a memorial side for Vince about his music, all his achievments and work.

May Vinces sole rest in peace and his music live forever.









The rockabilly trio The Jime is often compared to Brian Setzer and Stray Cats:

"Vince pulls out some leads that would even make old Setzer himself a little green with envy."
Planet Rockabilly, USA

Luckily, The Jime have a rockabilly style completely their own:

"From their musical ability and professionalism they are probably closets to the Stray Cats in comparison but that doesn't mean they sound like Stray Cats as they have their own style and that's good."
Dynamite Magazine, Germany

Some call that style modern rockabilly or neo rockabilly. However, seeing that the original rockabilly from the fifties was a showcase for innovative songwriting and the latest in recording (Think echo) The Jime themselves, just call their style "rockabilly".

While recognizing the influence from the Stray Cats, Vince Gordon lists his strongest influences as Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and the rest of the "old garde".

There are also several The Jime recordings that have built on the grooves Bill Haley & His Comets laid down in their heyday in the mid fifties.



Rockabilly, rockabilly and more rockabilly!

The Jime Rockabilly Homepage (That you're on right now) does quite a lot more than just talk about The Jime and offer their CDs (There are even some free rockabilly mp3's for you to download in here!). This is also the home of The Rockabilly Guitar Page (Visited yearly by more than 40.000 rockabilly enthusiasts), the eBooks "How to Play Rockabilly Guitar" and "Intermediate Rockabilly Guitar Lessons" plus a special CD with rockabilly jam tracks to play along to, all courtesy of Vince Gordon of The Jime.


How do you say "rockabilly" in six different languages?

In addition to the main site which is in English, there are also five short versions of the site in different languages. The rockabilly lyrics & chords page, The Rockabilly Guitar Page (and it's subpages on everything rockabilly related) and the ebooks and rockabilly jam tracks CD page can only be found on the English site however.