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The Jime : Rockabilly Beat CD


Spilletid: 60 min.

1. Get Down On Your Knees 2:53
2. Roving Eyes 3:10 Spil musikken!
3. She Won't Do (But Her Sister Will) 3:33
4. Won't Look Back 2:53
5. Hound For You 3:24 Spil musikken!
6. Hold Your Breath 3:28
7. Cruisin' Around 3:08
8. Bad Boy 3:07 Spil musikken!
9. Satisfied No More 3:23
10. Getting Better 2:47 Spil musikken!
11. Another Chance 2:38
12. Rush 3:41
13. Story Of The Guitarman 3:38
14. The World's Bluest Man 2:22
15. Rockabilly Beat 3:26 Spil musikken!
16. Rush Part II 3:17 Spil musikken!
17. Five More Minutes 3:10 Spil musikken!
18. On My Mind 2:58
19. The Winner 2:55


Anmeldelse fra Rockabilly.nl - Det største rockabilly website uden for USA (...og det bedste)

"Well, this is not the first Jime review I wrote, and most likely it won't be the last one either. There are actually quite a lot CD reviews about Vince Gordon and his Jime on this website, and most if not all have a five-star rating. This one is no exception. And in case you were wondering how come, the answer is simple: Vince Gordon makes great rockabilly music!

This Cd has been in the pile on my desk for a while, and Vince has been waiting patiently for me to find time to review it. When I went through the stack today it caught my eye again and here we are...

Rockabilly Beat. As usual, Vince Gordon plays wrote all the songs himself, he plays the guitar, piano and double bass and handles all the lead vocals. With the help of his friend Sticks, they made another remakable album, which Vince also recorded, produced and engineered himself. Incredible! And there are 19 (!!!) tracks on this album. You can imagine the work and effort that went into making this.

I'm not gonna review each and every track, because 19 in a row is a bit too much, even for me, but I have enjoyed every song, I can assure you that. Vince produces his own Rockabilly sound, while staying true to original 50's style, and that is what I like best about The Jime's music, it's fresh and new and still has that oldtime feel to it. Besides all this, I also think that Vince is an absolute expert on the rockabilly guitar. He is also a teacher and author of two Rockabilly Guitar eBooks."

Anmeldelse af James Heflin fra den amerikanske avis The Valley Advocate:

"Rockabilly may seem like just another half-dead genre, a relic of the age of pompadours and Bel Airs. In the right hands, of course, old genres stay vibrant and manage to sound contemporary and old-fashioned at the same time. The Jime's Vince Gordon manages that trick on Rockabilly Beat by mixing the usual rockabilly tropes and a modern rhythmic adventurousness. The high points of the disc are Gordon's solos, sure-handed, melodically interesting, and sometimes stunning in their virtuosic contours. Gordon is a stylist who knows rockabilly tradition inside and out, but has clearly lent an ear to non-rock innovators like Django Reinhardt as well. His thundering guitar tone alone is worth a listen."


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