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Reviews of "Mean Side Of Town"

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BlackCat logo
The biggest Rockabilly-website in Europe

"Modern Rockabilly with a production you'd normally only expect from the Stray Cats. 'Mean Side Of Town' holds 13 high powered neo-rockabilly songs and two ballads - 14 originals by guitarist/singer Vince Gordon and a 200 mph cover version of Tiny Bradshaw's 'Train Kept A Rolling'.

The standard of both kind of songs, production and musical performances on 'Mean Side Of Town' is very high and you can't help but be affected by the tremendous energy and the great melodies coming out of your speakers when you play this platter.

The CD blasts off with a raving 'Gotta Be' with Vince's guitar licks echoing through the room, followed by the Stray Cats sound-alike 'We Gotta Go', great slapping!

Number three 'I Got Sweetlove On My Mind' (not the Johnny Burnette song, mind you) is a more authentic kinda rockabilly song in the fifties style, but then 'When Your Baby Cries' is utterly Neo again (but not too fast) with many echoes on the vocals.

'Leave My Past Behind', track 5, is one that did not remind me of any other band at all, original Jime-style, great song, great stereo voices. 'She Moves Me' is back to the fifties again, while 'Jeannie C'mon' rocks like the Blue Cats did, as does 'You Really Got A Lot To Learn'.

The title track 'Mean Side Of Town' is a rocking kind of ballad (Peggy Lee's "Fever" comes to mind) and 'I'll Be Home' is a Neo-Ballad with a lot of distortion on the guitar, it's a nice break to quiet things down a bit. We needed that, because 'Move On' rocks hard again, like Clint Bradley did, but still in the very distinctive Jime-style.

Next comes the before mentioned 'Train Kept A-Rollin', the only cover on this CD. I really think nobody ever topped Tiny's original, but this one is -again- played in a completely different style and I must say that I really like it, it sure rocks fast! If you tried boppin' to that one, you now really need the next ballad 'In Your Dreams' to catch your breath (nice jazzy piano work).

'C'mon In' is definitely inspired by The Stray cats and it really rocks. The last track 'Anyhow' is another Neo-bopper that is sure to move your feet. Lotsa slap.

This record sure has something for everybody, authentic fifties rockabilly, rough neo rockers and cool ballads. The overall style is very much original Jime, and that makes this CD stand out from all the fifties-covers-neo-albums. Very well done, superb quality with good vocals and great guitar-art by Vince Gordon. Gotta have it!"

Marijn Raaijmakers, The BlackCat Website, Holland.

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RockaChicka.com - German Rockabilly website


"Hey guys, if you want to get back in the good old days of NEO rockabilly, then have a look at this fantastic band from Denmark - The Jime. Maybe you know this kind of feeling: you put a CD in your player and it wont come out again. No, No the player is not broken, the music sounds so good, that you will not change the CD for weeks. If you have only one CD in your collection, then you know the feeling for sure. But if you are a record collector from the 70s on with hundreds of CDs and LPs, then you have to make some selections.

So coming back to the CD: excellent sound in NEO rockabilly STEREO, great guitar work. Vince Gordon is really innovative and excellent on his Epiphone semi acoustic Guitar. In my opinion, he is one of the best guitar players in the rockabilly scene. As Brian Setzer mentioned in a magazine 'all guitarists always try to sound like other guitarists and go for the same sound.' Vince is for sure someone who has found his own style. Listen to him, Brian!

Now some tips for programming you CD player: She Moves Me, Gotto Be, Jeannie C'mon, Move On, C'Mon On In, and the incredible "Anyhow" with a fantastic guitar work from Vince.

Vince, we are looking forward for your new CD ! As long we are waiting for the next CD go to the CD page and download some mp3s. Or - buy the CD online."

ROLLIN' DANNY 2002, Germany.

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Raucous Records in the UK

Raucous Records logo

"Excellent Neo-Rockabilly trio influenced by the early 80's sound of bands like The Blue Cats and The Stray Cats. All songs are their own originals, except for one Johnny Burnette cover. Very well produced, The Jime give us powerful and solid Modern Rockabilly with an excellent guitar sound leading the way."

Howard Raucous, Raucous Records, UK.

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Deathrow Magazine, UK

Deathrow logo

"The opening track of this CD 'Gotto Be' blew me right away. It has a great sound and is such a catchy song. The last time a song hit me like that was probably the first time I heard 'Runaway Boys' by the Stray Cats. This band appear to be Danish and they're fantastic.

This is hot neo-Rockabilly with a slightly poppy edge, which I could imagine would easily get airplay on any station. The rest of the album is equally high in caliber. I'm just so amazed that I've never come across these guys before, they really are so good."

Alan Wilson, Deathrow Magazine, UK.

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Nervous Records, UK

Nervous Records logo

"‘State of the art' Neo-Rockabilly. This is how production should be! Imagine how it was when you heard the First Stray Cats stuff - that great Rockabilly sound with today's 'BIG' production. Then came the Blue Cats with 'The Tunnel' and cranked it up another notch.

Now The Jime take the next step. This is truly superb stuff. The sound is just HUGE, and the playing has that Rockabilly 'verve' and 'sass' that tells you that this guy KNOWS he's cool.

Instead of concentrating on making 'authentic' records that often sound 'cheap' and 'dated', the scene should be doing stuff like this. Can you believe it? They're from Denmark! 'They came from the North, with murder in their hearts...."

Roy Williams, Nervous Records, UK.

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Boppin' Around Magazine, Holland

Boppin' Around logo
The biggest Dutch magazine for Rockabilly and Fifties Rock'n'Roll

"With the enclosed press-release The Jime creates high expectations, by saying that you can only find this kind of production with the Stray Cats. Can the Danish-Dutch trio The Jime make this come true?

Gordon has the experience: he recorded the first Danish rockabilly album in 1987, and it would take 12 years before his second album was released. He had time enough to practice, I thought! Shit... They're actually not exaggerating.

If I hadn't read the press-release, I also would have heard the link to the Stray Cats. Especially "Runaway Boys". And yet, we don't hear many covers. Better: there are very few cover songs. (Only Train Kept A Rolling is being covered, but with a very personal touch).

How some rockabilly bands can keep on cloning the music, is incomprehensible when you hear The Jime with their own characteristic ideas and sounds. ....with idiotically good guitar playing and obsessed support of good drumming. Who said that neo-rockabilly was 'out'? The Jime demonstrates the opposite!"

Frans van Dongen, Boppin' Around Magazine, Holland.

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Bronx'n'Roll, Schwitzerland

Bronx'n'Roll logo
Recorddealer & DJ

"Neo-Rockabilly at its best !!! If you love the Blue Cats, you will go wild over The Jime ! Their new CD is a killer !! A masterpiece of good modern Neobilly, get that CD now!

Guido 'Bronx' Buchter Bronx'n'Rol , Schwitzerland.

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Now Dig This Magazine, UK

Now Dig This logo

"Gordon, ably assisted by Kris Andersen (slap bass) and Dennis Brandwacht (drums) really whips up a storm on searing numbers like 'Gotto Be', 'We Gotta Go', 'Leave My Past Behind', 'You've Really Got A Lot To Learn', 'Move On', 'C'mon In' and the closer 'Anyhow', which is akin to 'Mystery Train' and features some strong drum and bass solos. There are some sizzling lead breaks on these and also on 'Jeannie C'mon' a very fast basic Jets-type tune.

The snarling, pile driving cover of Burnette's 'Train Kept'A'Rolling' is strong on machine-gun snare and is as hot as the original stuff. This release has garned some very favorable reviews and it's easy to see why."

Harry Dodds, Now Dig This, UK.

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Jukka Miguel Izquierdo

An independant rewiev by Jukka Miguel Izquierdo,
writer for Big Beat Magazine (Finland).

"What?! is there still somebody really making Stray Cats/Blue Cats style neo-rockabilly? Yes, brilliant!!!. The Jime is really the bomb of the spring. It was almost like if somebody hit me with a baseball bat to discover that a band this good could come out of Denmark.

The Jime mixes Gene Vincent, r´n´r , catbilly and ballads in a great way. The guitarist-vocalist Vince Gordon croons fantastic! But as we know those who use the Gordon name have brilliant voices.

The Jime writes their own great tracks and the only cover on Mean Side Of Town - Train Kept-A-Rolling - sounds really amazing. It's not just a copy of the original but a version with The Jime's personal touch.

If you're in the market for well done/played/song neo-rockabilly with a good sound, this is a must. If not, I need to say it's your own fault!"

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GAFFA Magazine, Denmark

Gaffa logo
The biggest Danish popmusic magazine

"Here comes The Jime, and they wanna go somewhere! They sure will with this gem of a CD. Guitarist, pianist, singer, songwriter, producer and recording engineer Vince Gordon, Kris Andersen on upright bass and backing vocals and Dutch drummer and backing vocalist Dennis Brandwacht make a potent, extremely able trio.

The style is pure Neo Rockabilly, and The Jime is one of the best bet for a contemporary sparkling modern band in that genre. The Jime, whose first album was released in 1987, has had favorable attention outside of Denmark with 'Mean Side of Town', which is being sold in both England and U.S.A.; and the Japanese market is just around the corner.

The sound of this release is up-to-date, very fresh and thorough without ruining the spontaneity. Apart from a steaming version of 'Train Kept A Rolling' all songs are written by Vince Gordon. The guitar playing is refined, Gordon's Jerry Lee Lewis-inspired vocal authentic, and the hard working rhythm section make their contribution to make everything fall into place.

The album has mainly uptempo songs, but the sneaky title track and the beautiful ballad 'In Your Dreams' shows the trio's range. Tremendous listening and party CD."

GGGGG (5 out of 6) Peter Widmer, Denmark.

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W.J. O'Reilly

An independant rewiev by W.J. O'Reilly,
found at CD Baby.com, USA.

5 out of 5 stars 5 stars out of 5!

Picks up where the Stray Cats left off

If when the Stray Cats disbanded - you hungered for more, this is your CD. Catchy tunes and driving percussion. At first I thought Vince Gordon's lead guitar wasn't as "jazzy" as Setzer's, but after review I think it sometimes rivals it.

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